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Are you looking for your next investment? Or even possibly your first? How about if you are looking for multi-family, retail, industrial, or simply land to develop? I've done it all. Since 2003, I have been an active real estate investment broker helping my clients find hundreds of properties, both on and off market, that fit their investments needs.

You can get the process started on your next investment deal online now by contacting me with some basic information. I'll be in touch to let you know what is available in the market area and how I can help you meet your investment goals.

Why You Should Use Me On Your Next Deal

There are many reasons to use an experience investment broker such as myself in your next purchase. When you contact me, we'll be able to more fully go over my experience in the real estate world. However, consider these benefits:  

  • Investment experience You're talking to somebody who has investment experience, both good and bad, and I understand your language. I know what a return rate is, why some investments are better than others, that there are a multitude of reasons for investing in real estate, and how to communicate with you in that space. You are not going to have to spend time educating me on the basics of real estate investments.
  • Experience since 2003 I've been doing this for a while now. I am not a young broker who is just getting out of school and joining a brokerage firm with little or no experience. I've sold portfolios, single family investments, raw land, multi-family apartments, retail, offices, industrial space, foreclosures, and much more.
  • Technical background My background is in mathematics and computer engineering. That might seem a little odd for a real estate broker, but it makes me ideally suited to work with people who are making investments for their livelihood, retirement, or both. I approach investments from the same perspective that you do and not as a typical broker does.
  • I won't waste your time I'll be active in sending out emails of properties on the market and encourage you to look through them often even if it does not match your immediate criteria. This helps you keep a pulse on the current market trends and exposes you to new opportunities. That being said, I am not going to waste your time with bad deals. Additionally, if I find something that fits your investment criteria the best, I will immediately bring it to you.
  • Representation Many buyers don't want to have representation because they believe that they can handle it themselves, which is definitely true if you are handling one property. However, I am here to make your life easier, watch out for pitfalls that you don't know about, bring up ideas that you might not have thought of, and be an advocate for you throughout the process. The last thing that you need when making a financial investment in real estate is a yes man.
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